A string-keyed token-curated registry. This repo will track developments in the Token-Curated Registries paper series until 2.0 TCRs. Originally developed by for the AdChain project by ConsenSys interns working under my direction, this is now the canonical implementation of a generic token-curated registry, and is actively developed.


Partial-lock commit/reveal (PLCR) voting was originally described by the Colony project in 2016, but not implemented until 2017 by ConsenSys interns working under my direction. Most of the smart contract code and extremely high-quality data structures work was done by Yorke Rhodes and Cem Ozer. All I can really claim here are contributions to the test suite and deployment pipeline. Still, this is one of my proudest projects.


This is a simple fixed-price, finite-supply token sale originally developed for the AdChain token launch. It has since been forked by ConsenSys and adopted by projects like Grid+. I like this codebase a lot. In a way it is an artifact of a bygone era, but I actually still use this code all the time for small token sales.


I became a maintainer of the ConsenSys tokens repo after doing an aggressive refactor for EIP-610 compliance at a time when the repo had been languishing. I've made contributions in the EVM code, deployment pipeline, and extensive contributions in the test suite. I published the tokens repo on EPM without really asking anybody and consequently became what is now one of two mnemonic holders.


Data structures on Ethereum are extremely interesting to me because of how difficult it is to implement them. This repo composes the DLL and AttributeStore libraries from EPM into a sorted DLL.